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Meat Classification Course

SAMIC is a dynamic National based company that must keep up with the rapid changes of a new business environment. Being a Government Assigned Company, SAMIC must align itself with the priorities of Government. How do I get started?
To become a meat classifier, a person needs to undergo training in meat classification.  The learner needs to complete a theoretical and practical evaluation by SAMIC. Any person with at least grade 10 with access to a PC and internet can register for the program.

How to register for the New Meat Classification Course?

  1. Download the “Enrollment form” (click on the word Theoretical Assessment under Course Fees to download form)
  2. Fill in the enrollment form and e-mail it to idahm@samic.co.za
  3. You will receive a invoice with the banking details of SAMIC.
  4. Pay the amount in the SAMIC account and send proof of payment to idahm@samic.co.za or fax it to 012-361 9837. Please mark the proof of payment clearly for attention Idah Motloung.
  5. SAMIC Head Office will verify payment.
  6. After confirming the payment, The Meat Classification Learning Material will be send via Speed Services.
  7. The learner study on his/her own time. When ready, the learner can arrange with one of our Regional Managers in their area to write the exam.
  8. Your theory test results will be available immediately. After successful completion of the theory test, a date and venue can be arranged with the Regional Manager from SAMIC for the practical evaluation at a high throughput abattoir on the specie of their choice.
Download Enrollment form HereMeat Clssification Course Info

Course Fees



Registration, Program and Assessments:

R2 404.39 (Excluding VAT and Postage)


R  558.77 (excl vat)

Practical Assessment

R1 932.46 (excl vat) per specie

Contact Person

Orpa Thirion

Tel:    012 361 4545

Fax:   012 361 9837

E-mail: rudivdw@samic.co.za

Pass Rate

Once the applicant is of the opinion that he/she is ready for a theoretical assessment, the applicant will have to do 2 separate assessments (Summative Assessment A and Summative Assessment B).

To pass these assessments you need to have a minimum of  50% on the Meat Classification Manual and a minimum of 75% for the Red Meat Classification Regulations.

If you do not achieve a passing score on an assessment the first time, you must wait at least 5 days before retaking the next assessments.  If you do not achieve a passing score the second time, you must wait at least a 14-day period before retaking the assessment a third time.  A 14-day waiting period will also be imposed for the fourth and fifth subsequent assessment retakes.  You may not take a given assessment any more than five times per year.

Implementation Date

From the 1st of April 2014, any new applicant needs to register with SAMIC before he/she can start with the Meat Classification Course.