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Karoo Lamb Geographical Indication (GI)

Karoo Lamb/Karoo Lam was officially registered as a South African Geographical Indication on October 27, 2023. This marks the first South African product to receive GI protection under the Agricultural Product Standards Act of 1990 (Act 119 of 1990).
The GI status legally protects the term “Karoo Lamb” and ensures it can only be used in accordance with GI regulations. This protection safeguards the unique characteristics and reputation of Karoo Lamb and enhances consumer trust.

The Role of SAMIC

The South African Meat Industry Company (SAMIC) has been designated as the responsible entity for inspections and the implementation of GI regulations. SAMIC will play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance and upholding the standards associated with Karoo Lamb. No provision has been made for an implementation period, so the regulations are effective immediately.
All existing protocols for the Karoo lamb quality indicator are hereby converted to the Karoo Lamb GI. All users now have to comply with the minimum product specifications published in the “Karoo Lamb / Karoo Lam” registration as a South African Geographical Indication (Notice No. 3992 of 27 October 2023).

The Role of Participants

Producers need to apply for registration as a user of the Karoo Lamb GI. This step is crucial for access to the benefits of the GI program.
Compliance with the minimum requirements for Karoo Lamb is mandatory and producers should prepare for audits to demonstrate their compliance with the requirements. Costs associated with audits will be determined by the assignee (SAMIC).
It is imperative to mark products as required by GI regulations. Proper labeling helps consumers easily identify authentic Karoo Lamb products.


The registration of Karoo Lamb as a GI is a significant achievement for the South African red meat industry. It highlights the commitment to preserving the unique qualities of Karoo Lamb and supporting local producers to contribute to the reputation and growth of the Karoo Lamb GI.




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